NEC NL10276BC24-21KH

Eupec FF800R17KE3

NEC NL6448BC18-01B

Perforce makes latest version of Helix QAC available

Webinar: 2021 IoT Trends, from Farnell customer survey findings

Farnell surveyed more than 2,000 customers from around the world for its latest IoT survey and will reveal some of its insights, to help shed light on IoT trends.


Proliferation of EVs Based on High-Performance, Low-Cost Sodium-Ion Battery

Various automobile companies are preparing to shift from internal combustion (IC) engine vehicles to electric vehicles (EVs). However, due to higher cost, EVs are not as easily accessible to consumers; hence, several governments are subsidizing EVs to promote sales. For EV costs to compete with those of IC engine vehicles, their batteries, which account for about 30% of their cost, must be more economical than IC-based vehicles.

Powerex CM600DY-12NF

Qorvo adds to programmable PMICs

The product’s flexibility, small form factor and low quiescent current (LQC) address power, performance and size challenges in applications such as enterprise solid-state drives (SSDs), virtual reality headsets, security and action cameras, and AI processors.

Sharp LQ121S1LG42

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