Imec licenses Covid detection technology

Printing Perovskite Solar Cells

To reach the target of carbon neutral, a transition from fossil energy to renewable energy generation is indispensable. Photovoltaic technology is considered as one of the most prominent sources of renewable energy. For decades, about 90% of global solar cells market has been dominated by silicon solar cells. Although the price of silicon solar panels decreases year by year, it is a big challenge to significantly reduce its manufacturing cost further. Hence, next-generation photovoltaic technologies are in urgent need of new materials and novel techniques. Recently, metal halide perovskite solar cells (PSCs) have attracted extensive attention from both academia and industry, due to their excellent photoelectric conversion efficiency and great commercial potential.

Battery monitor for non-rechargeable cells charges supercapacitors too

Called LTC3337, “the patented infinite dynamic range coulomb counter tallies all accumulated battery discharge,” boldly claimed ADI, Coulomb counter accuracy is constant down to no load.”

LG Display LB040Q02-TD03

Cosel ZUW252412

Infineon BSM100GD120DN2

UK made: RF amplifiers and power amplifiers from 860MHz to 28GHz

“The global demand for faster downloads and more data is driving bandwidths up. Moving to GHz frequencies is the only way to deliver wider pipelines to the handset, desk, home and office. However, RF design in the GHz band is challenging, even for specialist companies with experienced engineering teams,” according to the company. “Delivering high bandwidth to small and portable devices over wireless interfaces requires excellence in RF design. The SµRF range lowers the design barrier.”

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