NLT NL2432HC22-44B


Automotive-qualified single-chip solution for large ultrawide touch displays

Microchip Technology has announced its maXTouch MXT2912TD-UW touchscreen controller. This is claimed to be the industry’s first automotive-qualified, single-chip solution that addresses Display sizes up to 45″ with a really wide aspect ratio, supporting LCD and OLED display technologies.

Sharp LQ104V1LG81

TDK releases miniaturized, high performance thin-film common-mode filters for mobile devices

TDK Corporation recently introduced the TCM0403M series of miniature thin film common mode filters for mobile devices. The 0403 case size (0.45 x 0.3 x 0.23mm) is 58 % smaller and 56 % lighter than previous products. With its high common-mode attenuation characteristic, these products reduce intruding noise and improve wireless signal reception sensitivity. The common mode attenuation at 2.4 GHz is 21 dB, and 28 dB at 5.0 GHz, with a maximum permissible current of 50 mA. Mass production started in August 2021.

Boréas Piezo Haptic Engine delivers advanced touch experiences to wearables

LiDAR-based adaptive perception software for smarter cities

Ultrathin Semiconductors are Electrically Connected to Superconductors For The First Time

Whether in smartphones, televisions or building technology, semiconductors play a central role in electronics and therefore in our everyday lives. In contrast to metals, it is possible to adjust their electrical conductivity by applying a voltage and hence to switch the current flow on and off.

Toshiba MG50Q6ES50

LG LP104V2-W

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