Integrated system detection of base station antennas of China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, escorting new 5G infrastructure

Applying 1-Wire technology to TWS earphones can get low cost, low power consumption, high precision, small size…

The world’s largest auto chip factory has stopped production, and the auto industry may usher in the biggest crisis in 30 years?

Researchers have designed the world’s first 3D artificial eyeball that can mimic the human retina as a human eye?

Wafer foundries spend money to expand mature process capacity in 2023

EU plans to increase government support for semiconductor industry to achieve chip “self-sufficiency”

Trump administration: Stop how many licenses Intel supplies to Huawei are revoked

Boosting Motor Performance with Magnetic Position Sensors

Qualcomm President Ammon: 5G+AI will transform many industries and open up the future of intelligent interconnection

Analog Devices Announces Acquisition of Maxim Integrated, Strengthens Its Analog Semiconductor Market Leadership

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