The Processing Flow Of PCBA

With the development of electronic products towards miniaturization and thinning, surface mount technology (SMT) SMT chip processing emerged at the historic moment and has become the mainstream of current electronic production. So what is the technological process of Shenzhen Youqin Electronics SMT chip processing? The SMT patch processing technology is divided into single-sided and double-sided, and I will introduce it for everyone below.

Common material polarity discrimination method

Specializing in SMT foundry, daily contact with electronic materials of major brands. There are many types of electronic materials, with different shapes and packages, so there is no uniform standard for marking the polarity. Accurate identification of polarity, possible to avoid batch errors, is a basic skill that must be repaired in the SMT industry. The following is the polarity labeling method compiled by Youqin that can be considered as industry-wide.

Classification and selection of SMT steel mesh

From the production process, it can be roughly divided into laser steel mesh, electro-polished steel mesh, nano-steel mesh, electroformed steel mesh, etching steel mesh, step steel mesh, etc.

Briefly on the per capita output value of the top 10 chip companies in the United States

Briefly on the per capita output value of the top 10 chip companies in the US

SMT common poor welding solutions

At present, AOI is the most mainstream and most efficient detection method in the patch foundry industry. Every product of Youqin Electronics will pass AOI. AOI can detect many kinds of defects, including poor solder paste, poor component placement, and poor reflow soldering. Some of them can be repaired. The following is an introduction to the most frequently encountered welding defects and solutions during the production process:

PCBA “Three Preventions” Process

The essence of the “three preventions” in electronic processing is to coat a protective film on the protected surface. The protective effect is related to the coating method and coating process. Spraying basically belongs to the protection of the PCBA surface, while dipping can protect the components. Three anti-paint is a kind of specially formulated paint, used to protect circuit boards and related equipment from environmental erosion, thereby improving and prolonging their service life, ensuring the safety and reliability of use.

Application scope of integrated prefabricated pumping station

Application scope of integrated prefabricated pumping station:

What are the characteristics of plastic buckets?

The material of plastic barrel is mostly made of polyethylene, polypropylene and other plastics, such as blow molding (a rapidly developing plastic processing method) and injection molding. It is the outsourcing of liquid and solid articles in Shanghai plastic products chemical, pesticide, medicine, food, hardware, electronics, mechanical and electrical industries.

SMT patch processing cost calculation method

SMT chip processing is widely used in the electronics manufacturing industry, so the specific chip processing price and how to calculate the cost are still an unfamiliar field to many people. After all, chip processing is not the pricing of finished products, and the connection between the two is more complicated. Therefore, the calculation method of chip processing cost is affected by many factors. Therefore, this article will introduce you to the calculation method of SMT patch processing cost.

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