What is the use of the 1M resistor in parallel with the crystal oscillator? How should I choose?

New single-pair Ethernet technology: 2-wire technology for high-quality asset health detection and power supply in condition detection scenarios

Huawei chip superposition technology is coming? The 14nm chip on the Mate50 is used as 7nm, but it is still 4G

Xpeng Motors’ battery technology route shifts from cylindrical to soft pack

Computer Assembly Basics: Crucial’s Three Computer Upgrade Tips for Beginners

Average size of monitor shipments increased to 23.7 inches in 2019

Gift of U.S. military retreat: Taliban seized U.S. biometric equipment

Power consumption reduced by 30%, TSMC 3nm speeding up: mass production in 2021

Amazon AWS Launches EC2 Instances Based on Intel AI Accelerator

RF GaN-on-Si: The Best of Both Worlds

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