GCF Mobile Device Trends report points to rapid adoption of 5G

Fuji 2DI100Z-140

Imec’s Neuropixels 2.0 track individual neurons

Neuropixels 2.0 are much smaller — about a third the size of their predecessors. They’re designed to record the electrical activity from individual neurons and have the unique ability to track this activity over extended time periods.

Hitachi TX26D01VM1CAA

Powerex PM100CLA120

Open-source vehicle hacking platform for connecting to a vehicle CAN bus

Crowd Supply has announced the launch of board::mini, an open-source platform developed specifically for connecting to a vehicle’s CAN bus. The platform is an STM32F103 MCU board that provides a CAN transceiver with ESD protection and hardware filter, as well as auxiliary features, including a microSD card slot, atmospheric sensor, and more.

Fuji 2MBI200SB-120-50

Semikron SKM151F

Fuji 1DI300MN-050

NEC NL128102AC28-01A

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