Infineon and Picovoice co-developing voice platform

Infineon and Picovoice co-developing voice platform

This collaboration enables smart voice solutions in ultra-low power IoT devices using Infineon’s PSoC 6 microcontrollers (MCUs).

This gives designers an alternative approach to evaluating and deploying wake-phase and intent recognition on the company’s PSoC 6 products.

The joint effort opens up new possibilities with on-Device AI-enabled voice technology for the smart home and wearable applications using energy efficient PSoC 6 MCUs with comprehensive IoT connectivity support.

The Picovoice platform creates a voice interface that is now easily used with existing Infineon PSoC 6 solutions including seamless pairing with AIROC Wi-Fi, low power CapSense touch interface and cloud connectivity.

Infineon’s XENSIV MEMS microphones with, it claims, the industry’s highest SNR, wide dynamic range, low distortions and high acoustic overload point are included in this platform.

Collaborating with Picovoice expands Infineon’s machine learning and AI ecosystem by allowing system developers using PSoC 6 the option to add a new voice feature for innovative IoT applications.

Developers can now use a PSoC 6 Pioneer Development Kit and the IoT Sense Expansion Shield with an option to sign-up for a free Picovoice trial account.

Additionally, they can run code examples using Infineon’s proven ModusToolbox to bring differentiated smart home and wearable applications to market.


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