Linear ICs

Integrated circuits designed to manipulate analog signals

Linear integrated circuits are used in electronic systems to change the properties – amplitude and the phase, of one or more analog signals. They are used in many applications that include audio amplifiers, comparators, ADCs and many others.

Linear ICs

Amplifiers – Audio – Integrated circuit designed to amplify low power electronic audio signals

Audio Amplifiers are integrated circuits that amplify electronic audio signals such that they are able to drive loudspeakers or headphones.

Amplifiers – Op Amps, Buffer, Instrumentation – Integrated circuit designed to amplify analog signals

OpAmps, Buffers, and Instrumentation buffers are electronic devices which when used together can improve the quality of analog signals. For example, using an OpAmp, it is possible to amplify a low voltage signal. This signal can then be stabilized by using an Instrumentation amplifier. These components are generally used to make accurate measurements of sensors and in test equipment.

Comparators – Integrated Circuit designed to compare two signals

An OpAmp Comparator is an electronic Device that compares two signals and outputs a digital signal indicating which signal has a larger magnitude.

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