Nexperia Introduces High-Power GaN Transistors for Electric Vehicle Power Semiconductors

(Source: Nexperia official website)

According to foreign media reports, power and discrete Device specialist Nexperia uses gallium nitride on silicon (GaN-on-Silicon) technology to launch the first high-power GaN field effect transistor.

Toni Versluijs, general manager of Nexperia’s MOS Discrete Business Group, said: “Nexperia is preparing to enter the high voltage space and has therefore launched this strategic move. Now, we are able to provide technology suitable for electric vehicle (xEV) power semiconductor applications. Our GaN The technology is already mass-produced for high-volume applications. The automotive industry is a key area of ​​focus for Nexperia and is expected to grow significantly over the next 20 years as electric vehicles replace traditional combustion engine vehicles as the vehicle of choice for personal and public transportation.”

The process produces thick epitaxial layers of GaN on large silicon substrates with suitable epitaxial performance, thus enabling primary production using standard 150mm wafer production lines with the scalability required for volume production, as well as cost advantages.

The 650V GAN063-650WSA has a gate voltage of ±20V and operates between -55 and +175°C. The product features an on-resistance as low as 60 mΩ, which can reduce losses, support frequency switching, and improve power efficiency. Importantly, the product adopts the standard TO-247 package commonly used in the industry, which is more convenient for designers to operate and improve product performance.

The GAN063-650WSA GaN FET is the first product in Nexperia’s GaN family of devices for automotive, communications infrastructure and industrial applications.

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