ON Semiconductor Expands IoT Platform Support and Capabilities with Bosch IoT Suite

March 3, 2021—ON semiconductor (ON Semiconductor, NASDAQ: ON), driving energy-efficient innovations, announced that the RSL10 Smart Shooting Camera Platform and RSL10 Sensor Development Kit are pre-integrated into the Bosch IoT Suite, The suite is the Bosch Group’s Internet of Things (IoT) core software platform and core software ecosystem.

The RSL10 Smart Capture Camera Platform and RSL10 Sensor Development Kit are complete node-to-cloud solutions with advanced Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity and sensing technologies. The recently announced RSL10 smart capture camera platform is designed for event-triggered imaging, combining low-power image capture capabilities with support for cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) analytics. Using the RSL10 smart capture camera platform, developers can create imaging applications that automatically take pictures when triggered by events caused by time or environmental changes such as motion, humidity, or temperature. Meanwhile, the RSL10 Sensor Development Kit is a very compact and versatile platform with more than a dozen onboard environmental sensors.

Incorporating RSL10-based solutions into the Bosch IoT Suite provides developers with access to a range of tools and resources, including a selection of key middleware components on public clouds around the world. The software allows large-scale deployment and management of IoT applications in the field, including Device configuration and provisioning and remote maintenance. The Bosch IoT Suite also includes innovative “Digital Twin” modeling capabilities. This capability enables designers to create virtual representations of their devices using cloud-based models to understand what functions and services they will provide in the real world.

“The Bosch IoT Suite truly addresses some of the most significant challenges facing IoT original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), including data and device management,” said Wiren Perera, Director of IoT, ON Semiconductor. “Adding this support to our IoT platform, we are helping Developers quickly build and implement cloud-based, highly scalable IoT applications.”

The RSL10 Smart Capture Camera Platform and RSL10 Sensor Development Kit are available now through local ON Semiconductor sales representatives and authorized distributors. For more information on Bosch IoT Suite, please contact Bosch.IO or schedule a meeting directly through Calendly.

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