Digi-Key and Rochester Electronics cooperate in the supply of components

Digi-Key Electronics recently announced a partnership with Rochester Electronics to provide customers with an ongoing supply of critical components

Sharp LQ10D368

Proface GP577R-TC41-24VP

New £210 million centre for AI and Quantum Computing launched

5G will Bring an Eruption of Growth Possibilities. Is India Ready?

We have been using different wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation to transmit information for hundreds of years. Fibre optic cables are the bedrock of that internet as they manage to transmit electromagnetic radiations containing insane amounts of information. But we cannot connect all devices to it, because many devices are wireless. To make wireless data transmission possible, cellular networks needed to be developed and it all started in Japan, with the first generation cellular network known as 1G. The first generation mobile network (1G) was all about voice. 2G was about voice and texting; 3G was about voice, texting, and data; 4G was everything in 3G but faster, and 5G will be its successor; it will be fast enough to download a full-length HD movie in seconds.

NEC NL10276BC28-08B

NEC NL10276BC30-10

AUO G150XTN06.1

Mitsubishi MG100J2YS50

IR 243NQ100R

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