Saving labor cost by printing 3d hand model

With the maturity of SLA light-curing 3D printing technology, some smart tablet manufacturers have begun to use 3D printers to include in their enterprise plans. The 3D printing tablet Model is completely proofed according to the original shape of the plan, with low error. Compared with the traditional prototype, it saves the cost of proofing, shortens the manufacturing cycle of the prototype model, ensures the confidentiality of the product development planning scheme, and greatly improves the work efficiency and product development. According to the feedback from the manufacturer using the SLA 3D printing prototype of Harbin Industry, the business volume has increased rapidly and the labor cost has been saved by 40% since the use of the D printer prototype for about a year since March. Let’s see how 3D can help hand board manufacturers save 40% of labor costs!

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3D printing technology is widely used because of its flexibility and convenience. Printing technology involves different molding processes and material classification.

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