Analysis of Numerical Control Processing Technology of Mold Core

Mold cores and cavities often have various free-form surfaces, which are very suitable for processing on CNC machine tools. The process of CNC machining is quite different from that of ordinary machining. In this paper, combined with the CNC machining process design of the mold core of the children’s product decoration, analyze and summarize the process characteristics of the mold CNC machining, and provide a reference for the mold’s CNC process design.

Methods of overhauling CNC machining centers

Due to the wear and aging of the machining center during long-term use, if you do not pay attention to maintenance, the machining center will always operate in a “sub-healthy” state. Regular maintenance of the machine tool can keep the machine tool in good running condition, delay the deterioration process, reduce the incidence of machine tool failure, and thus ensure the utilization rate of the machine tool. Although there are many types of machining centers and their structures are complex, they can be roughly divided into mechanical parts and electrical parts. The following discusses its maintenance methods from the mechanical and electrical parts.

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