SM2708 SD Express controller supports SD 8.0 specification

NEC NL8060BC21-11C

Data acquisition solution allows smaller form factor instruments

Analog Devices Inc. ADAQ23875 μmodule Data Acquisition Solution is a SiP integrating multiple common signal processing and conditioning blocks in a single Device. The device is available now from Mouser. These blocks include low noise, fully differential ADC Driver (FDA), a stable reference buffer, and a high speed, 16-bit, 15MSPS SAR ADC. Using the company’s iPassives technology, the device also includes crucial passive components with superior matching and drift characteristics to reduce temperature dependent error sources and to provide optimised performance. The fast settling of the ADC driver stage, with fully differential or single-ended to differential input and no latency of the SAR ADC, gives a unique answer for high channel count multiplexed signal chain architectures and control loop applications.

ASTEC AM80A-300L-120F18

Digital Isolator from STMicroelectronics Boosts Performance and Reliability Using New Thick-Oxide Galvanic Isolation Technology

STMicroelectronics has begun volume production of the STISO621 dual-channel digital isolator, launching a new series of high-performance ICs for industrial applications and general optocoupler replacement.

NEC NL6448BC26-09C

Emerging Trends in Wide Band Gap Semiconductors (SiC and GaN) Technology for Automotive and Energy Saving Applications

The innovative developments in power electronics belongs to the future key technologies in order to increase system efficiency as well as performance in automotive and energy saving applications. Silicon is the major material for electronic switches for decades. Advanced fabrication processes and sophisticated electronic Device designs have optimized the silicon electronic device performance almost to their theoretical limit. Therefore, to increase the system performance, new materials that exhibit physical and chemical properties beyond silicon need to be explored. A number of wide bandgap semiconductors like silicon carbide, gallium nitride, gallium oxide, and diamond exhibit outstanding characteristics that may pave the way to new performance levels.

STMicroelectronics expands family of RF LDMOS power transistors

STMicroelectronics has expanded its STPOWER family of RF LDMOS transistors, comprised of three different product series – the IDCH, IDDE, and IDEV –  optimized for RF power amplifiers (PAs) in a variety of commercial and industrial applications. The STPOWER LDMOS devices are designed to handle high RF power, and feature high efficiency, low thermal resistance, and a short conduction-channel length with a high breakdown voltage.

Fuji 2MBI600VN120-50

Toshiba MG15G1AL2

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