Pressing Intel step by step: AMD’s stock price has skyrocketed thanks to the increase in market share

For AMD, under the leadership of Ma Su, they are counterattacking step by step, and Intel is also feeling a lot of pressure.

From the closing information yesterday, AMD’s share price per share reached $56.89, with a total market value of $67.062 billion. This is their best performance in recent times. I have to say that they have fought a successful turnaround with the Zen architecture. For this reason, AMD increased the equity incentive used to reward the R&D team to 900 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 50%.

Previous statistical reports show that AMD’s share of the PC market has increased for eight consecutive quarters. Su Zifeng said in an interview that in desktops and servers, their attention is focused on CPU and the use of chip technology; in notebooks, they have integrated CPU and GPU, and they are also trying their best to extend battery life.

Su Zifeng also revealed that in the past 8 quarters, their share in the PC market has increased in each quarter, and they believe that with the launch of the third-generation Ryzen mobile platform, their share in the notebook market will increase to a new level. the height of.

AMD has been aggressive in releasing Zen architecture processors and has regained a lot of share in different markets. The latest news says that Intel will adjust its CPU prices in the second half of this year to defend their market position. If it was in the past, Intel’s processors rarely cut prices. The price of a Core i7 can be firm for two or three years. However, AMD broke the rules of the game two years ago, as the players said: “Thank you AMD , let us use cheap Intel processors.”

In fact, the price reduction of Intel processors has already happened on the HEDT platform. Especially when Intel released the Cascade Lake-X processor last October, the corresponding models were almost 50% lower than the previous generation. The price of Core i9-10980XE The direct drop from the previous generation’s $1,999 to $979 is the most impressive. Of course, the domestic price has not dropped so much for various reasons.

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