Q2 shipments of silicon wafers up 12% q-o-q

Q2 shipments of silicon wafers up 12% q-o-q

Q2 2021 silicon wafer shipments grew 12% from the 3,152 million square inches recorded during the same quarter last year.

“Demand for silicon continues to see strong growth driven by multiple end-applications,” says SEMI’s Neil Weaver, “the supply of silicon for both 300mm and 200mm applications is tightening as demand continues to outstrip supply.”

Silicon Area Shipment Trends – Semiconductor Applications Only
Millions of Square Inches

1Q 2020 2Q 2020 3Q 2020 4Q 2020 1Q 2021 2Q 2021
Total 2,920 3,152 3,135 3,200 3,337 3,534

Source: SEMI (www.semi.org), July 2021

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