Tactile switch pushes miniaturisation envelope for wearables

Tactile switch pushes miniaturisation envelope for wearables

The company describes it as ‘surface-mount’, but ‘edge-mount might’ be a better term as it is designed to fit onto the edge of a PCB, protruding  0.95mm above the PCB surface height.

PTS847 is the name of the series, and according to C&K it can handle the drop-impacts common to consumer devices – it is available with an optional rugged bracket which has an L-shape termination (see photo) that provides additional soldering strength in the operating direction.

There are two force options: 160g or 350g.

Operation is over 0 – 15V, 0 – 20mA, -40 to 85˚C and 200,000 actuation cycles.

Resistances are 100mΩ contact and 100MΩ minimum for insulation. Dielectric voltage is 250Vac.

“The compact side-actuated PTS847 Series increases reliability, and eliminates integration challenges for designers of wearable and portable IoT devices,” said C&K product manager Daisy Liu. “We are proud to continue expanding the PTS switch family to enable customers to reduce the size of their end products without compromising performance and reliability.”

The PTS847 product page is here

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