The dust has settled! AI Daniel Jia Jiaya left Tencent Youtu and founded Simou Technology

According to Lei’s AI technology review news, Jia Jiaya, a former Tencent outstanding scientist, head of Youtu Lab’s X-Lab, and a tenured professor of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, recently founded a new AI company, SmartMore. At present, the company has received Pre-A round of financing and set up R&D centers in Shenzhen and Hong Kong respectively.

As early as the end of 2019, it was reported that Jia Jiaya left Tencent and returned to the Chinese University of Hong Kong to continue teaching, but this news was not confirmed at the time. Now that the dust has finally settled, Jia Jiaya did leave Tencent, but instead of leaving the industry, he chose to start a new company.

When asked why the name “Simou Technology”, Jia Jiaya said, “We need to think about the current technical means and plan the development of the future industry. The service industry as the core is the origin of the name. Not only smart (intelligence), More (vision), this is the expectation and requirement of the industry.”

“The impact of the current epidemic situation on the economy, society, and production will make us more urgent and motivated for the creation of Simou Technology.”

Jia Jiaya explained the original intention of founding Simou Technology to’s AI Technology Review, “The more the infrastructure is related to the social productivity of the country, the more we need our comprehensive scientific and technological capabilities to fully solve the lack of manpower in economic production. The problem of shallow intelligence. Achieving comprehensive systematization, intelligence, and automation is the solution aimed at by Simou. The corporate goal of Simou is to get rid of the data limitation of a single algorithm field and create the AI ​​2.0 era with a systematic architecture.”

“We see that there are many industries that do not yet have a suitable and simple AI system. For example, in all the power industries now, reducing energy consumption is a huge ultimate goal. But the core part of this generator is basically Few experts in the field of AI can understand the specific needs of this industry, let alone provide customized high-quality solutions. The sinking of AI will definitely bring new breakthroughs.”

When asked about leaving Tencent after more than two years to start a business, Jia Jiaya said:

“This time we founded Simou Technology, we strive to push the application of AI technology to a new height. I would like to be grateful for Tencent’s corporate culture and tolerance for technology development. In Tencent’s more than two years, Tencent has provided huge opportunities. And space, let me practice my ideal of serving the industry with technology, and also let me see the energy and huge potential of technology in the process of industrial intelligence upgrade and business service evolution.

At the previous Tencent Youtu technology conference, we announced the tremendous progress made in the fields of social entertainment, industrial production, technology for good, and cutting-edge technology exploration. We have gathered hundreds of highly capable and responsible technical R&D personnel from the ground up. We have always been at the forefront in the field of AI, and have achieved very good technological and industry influence. The high level of technology productization is also due to the company’s overall culture.

I still remember that the technical staff of my team liked to make single-point breakthroughs with technical highlights when they first came in. In the development of the entire team, Tencent inspired us to commercialize technology. Not sticking to a single technical highlight, but focusing on meeting the needs of users has become the core idea of ​​our entire team, and it has also provided me with a lot of experience and ideas for taking a new step now.

Leaving Tencent is a difficult decision, and I am very grateful for the understanding and advice provided by Tencent’s senior leadership. I am also really reluctant to have such an excellent fighting team as Youtu and the business that has been developed together with the teammates. May the team maintain their edge and grow stronger. I wish Tencent better and better! “

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